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Can I book a long term rental on

Yes – you can book a long term rental on by searching for your desired dates at your destination and filtering by “Rental.” You’ll see this in the “Property type” section on the left of your results. You’ll see many different types of long term accommodation to suit different needs. We work with long term rental providers like Vrbo to offer accommodations like holiday homes, rentals, condos, and more.

Why book your hotel, vacation home rental, or apartment with Cheapflights? scans through thousands of deals every time you make a search, so you can be confident that you’re picking the best deal out of everything that’s available. We also search for way more than just hotels. You can search for vacation home rentals, apartments, and all types of accommodations from hundreds of trusted providers and travel websites. You get the same ease and reliability of searching and booking hotels with other types of stays as well.

Can short term and long term vacation rentals be a good option for COVID-19?

Vacation rentals can be great options for COVID-19 because there’s less interaction with hotel personnel and other guests. You could have the place to yourselves in many non-hotel accommodations, so you can avoid crowded areas, long lines, and other close proximity interactions. Results with increased safety measures from COVID-19 have badges in the top left corner. These measures include daily cleaning and increased availability of sanitation products.

How can I find the best deals for vacation rentals on Cheapflights?

Find the best deals for stays and rentals on by following a few common-sense rules and a few helpful search features. First, be flexible with your dates and avoid peak times. Prices fluctuate throughout the year because of seasonality and availability, so you want to search early and often. The best way to keep track of prices is to set up Price Alerts for your searches. You’ll receive periodic updates about price changes by email so you can book at the right price every time. Try the Cheapflights mobile app here to get instant notifications from your Price Alerts.